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Surrogacy involves a woman (birth mother) becoming pregnant and giving birth to a child for an intended parent or parents, (commissioning couple) through the assistance of in vitro fertilisation.

In India, surrogacy is legal and is offered for the below listed medical reasons.

    Uterine conditions: removal, absence (MKRH), deformed (fibroids), etc.

    Pelvic: Pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, etc.

    Systemic: Heart condition (cardiomyopathy), renal (transplants), epilepsy, diabetes, etc.

    Fertility: Multiple failed IVF, Multiple Miscarriage

Surrogacy is also legally allowed for Single parents with Indian nationality

Legal assistance

A legal team with medico legal expertise guides you through the legalities of surrogacy.

Signing the surrogacy contract

This is the most important event in the process of surrogacy where you understand and acknowledge the contract before signing. Two agreements are signed, one with the surrogate mother and another with the ART clinic.

Financial transactions

We assist the intended parents in ensuring that the financial transactions between them, us and the surrogate are transparent and effective. All payments are done via transfers, even the surrogate is paid only through cross cheques.

Ante-natal Care (Pregnancy)

Monitoring the pregnancy of the surrogate mother by regular checkups , her weight , BP, sonography to check fetus development. 24x7 medical backup is provided for the surrogate.

We regularly communicate with the intended parents and inform them about the progress of the pregnancy

Coordinating Delivery

Close to the delivery date, we help plan the delivery and inform you, so that you do not miss the most important day in the process of surrogacy and are here to accept the gift of life. The new born is handed to the intended parents and not shown to the surrogate.