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Sanjay-Sonali More

We were not able to concieve for 3-4 years after our 1st baby, Dr. Pratibha recommended us for Dr. Malika. Looks like treatment for her was just a click away ! We loved the transparency with which MP Fertility Center works.

Amjad-Farzana Mansoori

Special thanks to Dr. Malika and her team for making our dream true. MP Fertility center was very cooperative and flexible as I was unable to arrange for payments.

Shivcharan-Shanti Choudhary

After spending huge money in 10 years we were very disappointment and lost all our hopes, then we met Dr. Malika and we loved the way she explained each and every aspect of treatment. For us she is a god who had blessed us with a boy !

Umesh-Pankita Malviya

No where else to go! We now know the mecca of IVF treatment. The team here is simply amazing and helpful. Ofcourse the treatment is very transparent and sure shot for a positive cycle.

Mr -Mrs Preeti Khetwas

We have been trying to get IVF treatment done, but were unable to afford at any center in central India. It was at MP Fertility Center which gave us the hope at the most affording prices. And with 100% satisfaction. We just loved the way doctor treat and counsel us at each stage of treatment.

Mr Mrs Rajni Arya

They are the best thing ever happened to me. They gave me two angles ! The best and most affordable treatment in Indore city.

Mr. Sanjay Agrawal

Very good nature of Madam, and staff. Very low cost treatment very affordable. Time to time instruction and very professionally managed. I have been to other ivf centers also where I got negative result. Here we got success in 1st time

Jaya kumawat

World’s best ivf center - MP IVF Center. Dr. Malika is a very wonderful, very cooperative person. And we can discuss with her anything we want; she is open to all our opinions and questions.

Chetna Sadafule

Very nice working and good staff. Dr. Malika is very professional, dedicated and has very good command on IVF. This center has very good success rate in IVF.

Sunil Chanderiya

Success pehli baar mein. Dr Malika thank you

Anil Tanwar

मैंने न्यूज़ पेपर में ऍम पि फर्टिलिटी सेण्टर इंदौर के बारे में पता केर के मैंने सेण्टर पर जा केर मेरा व मेरे परिवार का संतान सुख का जो इलाज सस्ते से सस्ते दाम में प्राप्त किया इससे मुझे संतान सुख की प्राप्ति हुई। सेण्टर पर सभी स्टाफ सर एवं मैडम के द्वारा जो व्यहवार नम्रता पूर्वक किया जाता है और सही सलाह दी जाती है.

Ujjawala Gajbhiye

Dr Malika is very good in diagnosis and very polite doctor. She has very good hand in infertility

Himmat Jain

The doctor of this MP infertility centre has got a good knowledge of infertility, my experience was very good, and I got positive result, with spending less money

Karuna Tanwar

Mp fertility center Indore - खुशियां देने वाला बहोत ही सस्ता एवं अच्छा सेण्टर है . में चाहूंगी की जिन लोगो को संतान सुख अभी तक नहीं मिला वह यहाँ आकर संपर्क अवश्य करें . उन्हें उनकी खुशियां अवश्य मिलेगी. Thanks,

Vasudev Patidar Patidar

I am very happy with successful treatment of IVF. Thanks to Dr. Malika and complete staff of MP Fertility Center

Ritesh Barve

Your success Rate is more than 70%.Which is other than more. Very affordable test tube baby treatment Dr. Malika is very good.

Ankit Dubey

Dr Malika is very friendly and she is best IVF specialist I have met. MP fertility gave us the most economical treatment for test tube baby with success in 1st cycle. Highly recommended

Pallav Jain

Well experienced doctors and treatment after proper diagnosis. We found it most affordable treatment for test tube baby; with beat success rate.